Three Spindle Screw Pump

APEX Three Spindle Screw Pump had been Successfully developed firstly localized ones in Korea by the excellent staff members accumulated technologies & experiences and recognized the excellence of the performance from customers, Shipbuilding Companies, Atomic Power plant. etc

Specification range

Capacity : 0.5㎥/hr ~ 150㎥/hr (17 Size)
Pressure : 16 Bar
Temperature : 200℃
Viscosity : 1.5 cSt
Material : Housing – GC200 (HRC 20 ~ 30)
                  Screw – SCM440, Nitricling (HRC 58 ~60)
Application : Circulating, Circulating of FO & LO, Circulating cutting oil,
                        Transferring oil tank, Transrerring Burner Oil, Hydraulic System

Special features

· Pulsating, Noise and Vibration below ISO Standard
· Available Self Priming
· Low Viscosity of 1.5 cSt
· Returning the leackage from Mechanical Seal to Suction
· Availabe Conversion Horizontal & Vertical Type With sam Model

Model Specification

Catalog Download

APEX Three Spindle Screw Pump Catalog [DOWNLOAD]